Understanding Booster Fans Roles in US College Basketball Restaurant and Bar

It is not just professional basketball that has long line of fans; college basketball also has hardcore fans even among sport bettors. While some fans are content by just watching the games, there are fan groups called boosters that do more than just watching. These fan groups are even considered vital parts of the world of college Basketball Restaurant and Bar, and booster clubs are everywhere. So, what roles these boosters play to support college basketball teams?

Boosters and Their Benefits for Basketball Team


Loyal boosters can contribute greatly to the success of a college basketball team and Basketball Restaurant and Bar. They can submit donations, even if each donation is just $20 or $50. They will be more willing to buy season game tickets anytime there are games. Depend on their positions in the society, they can also provide useful information like job or internship opportunities for student-athlete that joins the team.


What is Flopping and How It Affect Basketball Game?

There are many ways a team player can do to make his or her team gets a point, particularly in an aggressive basketball game. Flopping is a trick often used by a team in defender position, usually done to make referee grants unwarranted foul warning to the offensive team player. This trick is cheating, but many games have been tainted by this practice, and it is hard to detect.

How Flopping is Done in Basketball Game
Basically, flopping happens like this: a defensive player must find a way to stop offensive player to score another point, or at least slow down the offensive team’s pace. The defensive team player then runs to the offensive player that brings the ball, looking like he or she is going to block the opponent. However, once the offensive team player accidentally hits or touches him/her, the defensive player will ‘fly’ and fall in purpose, so it will seem that he/she is the victim of foul play.