Busan Saha-gu Travel Restaurant Dangni Restaurant Recommendation

Busan Representative Restaurant

If you arrive at Gimhae Airport to travel to Busan, the first thing you should do is visit a famous restaurant. Busan is famous for seafood dishes, noodles, and soup dishes, but among them, pork soup and wheat noodles are Busan’s representative foods that you cannot miss. If you are traveling to Busan, let’s visit a famous restaurant not far from the airport that you should visit at least once.

Busan Travel Saha-gu Exploration

Saha-gu is a city that takes about 20 minutes by car from Gimhae Airport. This place has excellent natural scenery and is also a place that preserves nature well, including a migratory bird habitat. If you move to the lower part of Saha-gu, you can find the famous Dangni Restaurant. This place is famous for pork soup and wheat noodles, and it is a place that has already been introduced on TV several times.

This place has a long history and tradition, and it is said that the restaurant opened 50 years ago, so it has a great history and has been well preserved to this day, so it can be said to be a traditional Korean restaurant.

Pork soup and wheat noodles

Pork soup is a representative food of Busan, which is made by boiling pork bones to make broth, adding pork and seasonings to the broth, and boiling it again, and then eating it with rice. This food has been eaten by displaced people since long ago, and it is a delicious food with a rich taste, chewy meat, and unforgettable taste when eaten with kimchi and radish kimchi.

Pork is made from pork neck, but sometimes pork head meat is used. Although preferences differ slightly, the taste is mostly similar, except for regional differences in the traditional method. 당리맛집

Milmyeon originated from kneading wheat flour, making noodles, and eating it with dongchimi broth and seasoning, and has been passed down to this day. In the middle of summer, you can see a lot of milmyeon restaurants, and milmyeon specialty restaurants provide customers with the taste of their own secret broth recipe.


The average price of pig soup is around 9,000~10,000 won, and the average price of milmyeon is around 8,000 won. These days, the price has gone up a little due to the rise in prices, but in fact, even before Corona, food prices were cheaper than 1,000 won, so it seems that the price has gone up a lot now.

How to eat

Pig soup is eaten with seasoned sauce and seasoned chives. Those who like spicy food add more peppers and sometimes eat it with noodles.

Milmyeon is also eaten with vinegar and mustard. In the past, vinegar and mustard were eaten to prevent stomach upsets after eating cold food, and adding vinegar and mustard to milmyeon gives it a refreshing dongchimi taste, so it is eaten with vinegar and mustard.

Dangri Restaurant Donghaeok

This is a place with a long history and tradition that has been passed down for three generations. It is a place that is always crowded with customers and maintains the average taste of the food well, so there are quite a few regulars and it is famous in the area.

The interior of the store is clean, and if there is a unique charm of this place, it is a menu such as sausage grill? This food is called Korean sundae, and if you grill it on an iron plate, it tastes very delicious. If you travel to Busan, it is a food that you should definitely try once to make memories, and it is also a food that suits the taste of foreigners, so I recommend it.

Foods that go well with it

A traditional Korean food is naengmyeon. It is a dish made by putting noodles in cold broth, but it is delicious even in cold broth, not hot broth. Many people eat naengmyeon and sundae grill together, so if you visit this place, I recommend that you try them together.


It is very exciting to try Busan’s representative food. The food here is enough to represent Busan, so I recommend you stop by at least once if you are traveling there.